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A raw ideology

Råstoff is created from an ideology of making high-quality shots, where the good raw materials define the taste. So no matter what flavour variant you choose, you can trust that each product has undergone a critical taste and quality control, ensuring that each variant meets our promise of both a raw and refined product.

2016 - June

Råstoff was founded in 2016 by The Danish Spirits Factory. The very first shot that saw the light of day, was Råstoff Pure Liquorice. The first product took some time to make, as all the raw materials had to be thoroughly scrutinzed to meet the high demands we made on the product.

2017 - March

Completely in line with the current trends, the next shot became the irresistible and fresh Råstoff Ginger Shot. The elegant taste of ginger and notes of lime creates a sharp shot, but this variant was just as popular mixed for drinks, reminds much of gin, so try it mixed with tonic in a Raw Ginger Tonic.

Nothing we do can change the past but everything we do can change the future

2017 - July

In the summer of 2017, Råstoff Strawberry-Rhubarb made its entry. Once again, we paid attention to the details and only after several tastings, did we find the perfect balance of the sweet, ripe strawberries and the fresh raw bitterness of the rhubarb. Thus, a completely unique taste was created, which we quickly found was incredibly delicious mixed with lemon soft drink.
We have named this signature drink Victoria’s Secret; because it seems innocent, beautiful and sweet – but at the same time it is powerful and seductive.

2017 - October

Råstoff Salty Caramel was born following a romance with Læsø seasalt. The heavenly taste of soft butterscotch with a touch of the unique Læsø salt, which brings out the flavour of caramel.
In this shot we combine everything Råstoff stands for: History. fabulous raw materials and authenticity. Once more an incredible tasty shot was created, that also works well as a mixer for cocktails and drinks.
The signature drink for Råstoff Salty Caramel is something as simple as mixing it with Cola and lime. Raw Caramel Coke. You don’t have to overcomplicate things, especially when the flavour is as amazing as this is!

When you get close to the raw materials and taste them at the moment they let go of the soil, you learn to respect them

2018 - March

Another liquorice shot was developed: Råstoff Pure Liquorice. In contrast to the more raw shot Råstoff Raw Liquorice, Råstoff Pure Liquorice became the sweet, rich and intense liquorice flavour. These two liquorice shots clearly show that liquorice is not just liquorice… far from it! And both are gourmet luxury shots.

2018 - December

At the end of 2018 Råstoff moved beyond Denmarks borders, when the swedes launched Råstoff Salty Caramel to Systembolaget.

2019 - April

This was the year where Råstoff got its green roots. Råstoff Pure Liquorice was now being produced as an organic shot as well, where we have managed to keep the characteristic sweet liquorice flavour. Another new liquorice variant sees the light of day: Råstoff Pomegranate which is only produced in an organic version and thus we start a whole new chapter in the history of Råstoff.