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Salty Caramel

Råstoff Salty Caramel is based on pure vodka with exquisite, high-quality raw materials. It has a heavenly taste of soft butterscotch caramel with a touch of Læsø seasalt, which provides a wonderful product. It is also ideal as a mixer for exciting drinks and cocktails or in desserts and cakes.

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The white gold from Læsø

World-class unrefined gourmet salt, produced according to the original craft method from the Middle Ages, creates the unique taste in Råstoff Salty Caramel.

Anyone can make salty caramel and use a random salt for it. However, Læsø Sea Salt is not just any kind of salt, and Råstoff is not just any kind of shot. As the name implies, Råstoff is produced with great care and the ingredients are chosen ...

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Craftsmanship and traditions

Læsø salt is salt extracted by evaporation of the groundwater salt.
The seawater around the island Læsø only holds 2 percent salt, but the groundwater at the area called Rønnerne can contain up to as much as 14 percent salt, and thereby making it possible to maintain a production by evaporating the water. This method has been used since the Middle Ages. The salt contains large amounts of minerals,...

Experience Læsø salt
Uraffineret salt fra Læsø Saltsyderi

Unrefined seasalt

Today the original salt workscabin has been restored and can be visited on Læsø, where you can be caught up in the historic atmosphere. Læsø Sea Salt is made by boiling and seething the saline groundwater in open iron pans heated by locally grown and logged firewood. Læsø Salt works only manufactures unrefined sea salt like in the old days. The salt is dried at first by the iron pans and then tran...

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Heavenly caramel

Apart from the touch of salt, other characteristics of Råstoff Salty Caramel is the heavenly taste of soft butterscotch caramel, which has both the sweetness and fullness of a traditional toffee and the refined notes of vanilla. The interaction between salt, vodka and caramel results in a soft, intense flavour that is unique as a shot and as a mixer for drinks and cocktails.

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