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Råstoff Jordbær-Rabarber shot
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Råstoff Jordbær-Rabarber

Råstoff Strawberry-Rhubarb

Råstoff Strawberry-Rhubarb is made from vodka with natural juice from strawberries and rhubarb. The pure juice gives a natural, round and clean taste that radiates in a beautiful red color. Råstoff Strawberry-Rhubarb can be enjoyed as both a lightly cooled shot or as a mixer for drinks and cocktails.

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Raw authentic taste

Råstoff Strawberry-rhubarb is based on natural ingredients, to ensure both the quality and the authentic unprocessed taste of real strawberries, rhubarb and citrus. The strawberry flavour is dominant, but is well supported by the very distinctive undertone of the rhubarb’s acidity and a small hint of citrus. All the raw ingredients are carefully selected to complete Råstoff Strawberry-Rhubarb in a...

The perfect mixer

Råstoff Strawberry-Rhubarb was created as a shot, but we quickly realised that this variant does incredibly well when mixed in to drinks. We recommend the drink Victoria’s Secret where it is mixed with lemon soda and fresh lime.

The best aperitif

Our favorite drinks with Strawberry-Rhubarb
Mix and drink

A shot is not just a shot! Far from it – especially when it comes to Råstoff. Most of our variants can be mixed into unique and flavourful cocktails.

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